This was really fun. I guess it’s always easier interviewing someone you know well, but there’s also a temptation there to just chat – to forget the perhaps more significant topics you had wanted to discuss. 

I think we got a nice balance. There are a few laughs about Jamie’s bright shoes, but also some serious ones about how he got into photography, the kind of shots that bring him the most pleasure, and whether he could ever style anyone other than himself. 

I hope you enjoy it. We had the support of Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned watches this time, who brought along a selection of interesting models that readers had great fun talking about before the talk started. Having them on board means we can carry on doing this series for a good while, so thanks to them. 



This is the third in a series of talks that have taken place at Mortimer House, with an audience of around 50 or 60 readers. The first one with Tony Sylvester delved into subcultures, while the second with Ethan Newton talked about how Bryceland’s has developed. 

In this video I am wearing my brown corduroy suit – the jacket having been made by Sartoria Ciardi and the trousers by Whitcomb & Shaftesbury – with a white PS Oxford shirt and a black knitted-silk tie. The loafers are the Greenwich tassel from Edward Green, in black cordovan.


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Peter Hall

Very engaging and witty. A couple of takeaways from me-Jamie captures the trials of fashion photography perfectly,which is why I professionally shoot building or super yacht interiors -inanimate and suppliers of no opinions.

Secondly ,last weekend ,my wife supervised me building my business wardrobe .Her opening remark was ‘you are not dressing like your Internet friends,but as an adult’.


when will you be featured in the “Reader Profile” so we can see your wardrobe in action?


Peter, as long as you refrain from dressing like a super-yacht owner, I think that you’re on safe ground.

Peter Hall

You would be suprised how plainly most owners dress. Bespoke tailoring,certainly, but they are mostly immune from fashion trends.


In the same vein as motor home owners; the super yacht being essentially a large moter(boat) home.

Gary Mitchell

Some interesting points about the photographer’s world which I have zero knowledge of so it was worth watching but he manages to squeeze 13 minutes of talk into 45 minutes of video. Its all knowledge though and all knowledge is good


I actually kind of enjoyed the more informal/ friendly chat. I’ve been following you and Jamie for a while so it’s nice to have that sort of insight.

Also, do you think there is a difference between black calf and black cordovan when it come to paring it with brow/green cords and other more informal trouser/suit styles?

Triple monks

Black suede shoes pair better with dark corduroy trousers then any other type of shoes, it’s because suede is so highly saturated that it becomes darker then the trousers and allows the leg line to lead, rather then having the shoes lead which will happen with black calf skin or black cordovan shoes next to dark coloured cord trousers.
Hope that helps

Eric Twardzik

Similar to Jamie, I recall buying a pair of Mark McNairy shoes (albeit with a steep discount from Club Monaco, back in its Levine days) with one of my earliest paychecks. They were tassel loafers made from reddish-brown pebbled leather with brick red soles, and did not prove to be as versatile as I’d hoped.


I’m quite surprised to hear your wives aren’t into how you both dress. Certainly, my wife loves that I dress up and wear tailoring. I know for a fact that she prefers it highly over wearing say jeans and a t-shirt.
Now I certainly don’t go overboard with all kinds of accessoiries or wearing tomato red monk straps, but she really does appreciate me trying to look nice. And for some reason, she loves my cashmere jackets the most, even though I’ve never told her what material they were.


Really fun to watch .
I’m watching bits of it as and when and Jamie’s personality comes across really well .
He wears that yellow suit so well .
Only someone with that personality could pull that off .
The socks look awesome .

It’s interesting how you’re both wearing corduroy in colours that kind of match your personalities .
One more serious , controlled and conservative and the other more ….. American !

Details on Jamies clothes would be welcome .

Peter K

I suspect from his love of ’90’s Canadian sportswear and “Go Blue jays” reference Jamie is originally from Canada.

Correct me if I’m wrong Jamie and “Go Oilers”.

Peter K

It was lovely to hear the audience and Simon laughing throughout the video. Menswear can be so serious and self-important. Jamie’s attitude is refreshing.

Simon G

I really enjoyed this video. The highlight of my week. Thanks!

Also, go Jay’s go!


Nice talk, Jamie certainly showing qualities as an actor, like you sometimes as philosopher – but was it by accident that you both appeared in cord ?


Ah, I was tending to read the scene as a silent agreement, sartorial halfway-point of meeting friends on thematic occasion. Not too formal or elegant on your side, not too individualistic on Jamie’s, material (cord) and consistency (suit) serving as neutral ground.

Womenswear has more options and is stronger individualized, seldomly leading to surprising or even embarassing coincidences. Besides there is a habit of conscously preparing: “what will you wear tomorrow ?”