We’re coming to New York!

Monday, September 12th 2022
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So this is exciting. For the first time, Permanent Style Presents is coming to New York.

A mini version of the London pop-up shop, it will be led by Rubato and PS, with very special guest Fred Nieddu, aka Taillour.

We will be at 54 Mercer Street on the 4th floor (same building as Stoffa, two floors up).

Oliver and Carl will be bringing both Rubato stock to try and buy, and some new samples. I will be bringing a size run of every PS product I can, for customers to then order online (this worked well in London last time).

Fred will be seeing his bespoke customers, but as with having any bespoke artisan at one of the pop-ups, the nice thing is that anyone can go and see his work - examine it, try it, get a sense - without the pressure that comes from making an actual appointment.

We will be there for four days, from Wednesday October 19th to Saturday October 22nd.

There will also be welcome drinks, downstairs in the Stoffa showroom. But details of that and other little things like opening hours will be confirmed soon.

Those updates will be added here, on this post, as well as on social media. So if you feel you haven't seen anything, check back closer to the time and there should be a little note at the top.

As with the London pop-up shop, there is no requirement to make an appointment, please just swing by and say hello. Even if you have no particular product in mind, the five of us would simply like to see you. It is our first time after all.

Any questions about things I do know, but have forgotten to say, please do ask in the comments below. As per usual.

That's Carl at the top, by the way, then Fred, and Oliver at the bottom. But then you knew that.

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I want to understand you correctly. You hope to have a size run of just about everything you sell in your online shop available to see and touch in New York? You will have all your overcoats/Bridge coats/etc, sweaters, (in all sizes small to extra large) and separate fabrics (PS Tweed, etc) too?
Best, Robert


That’s an early Christmas present!


All the Best PS Team for your New York Pop–Up 👍


God willing I shall live and see you, your PS Team in one of your Pop–Ups. That’ll be great fun! I never get to see my clothes in person that I’ve purchased solely on your recommendations from your PS Shop, Barbour, OrSlow’s, Red Wings, The Armoury’s, The Real McCoy’s and The Warehouse & Co. Hence I rely heavily on your wealth of experience and knowledge. I only get to see my clothes and try them once they’ve arrived in India. I’ve gotten used to this kind of online shopping experience that involves extensive research and a lot of emails exchange communications with all these merchants and you Simon. Now I only shop or have shopped from these merchants I’ve mentioned above. All the businesses mentioned above, including the PS Team also have a great customer experience support team 😊


Hi Simon,

Really excited you will be coming to New York!

I imagine this might be impractical but, is there any possibility of placing an online order before the pop-up and collecting it from you in person?

Either way I am excited to come by and meet everyone!

Thank you,


Hi Simon,
No worries! I figured as much but thought it worthwhile to check. I was looking at the trench coat and hoping to avoid the duties… oh well!
As I said, looking forward to coming by.


All the best with the New York pop-up ! Im sure it will be a great success. Have you any dates in mind for London this AW ?


Hi Simon, just following up to see if you have any dates confirmed for London pop-up this fall/winter?


Hi Simon,
I guess that’s great for New Yorkers. Congratulations. I wish one day you will pop up in Amsterdam with your pop up. 😀

Wouter de Clerck

Luck would have it I’m temporarily living in New York (coming from the Netherlands). Keen to check out the Rubato campus shirts. Also looking forward to meeting in person, Simon. See you there.


Hi! Are you going to have the shearling coat? I’d love to feel that and try it on. Also, I live in New Jersey. Any idea how the customs work?


Simon, et al: Best of luck in NYC.
I purchased the v-neck in the top image at the last London pop up and I love it.
Please consider sharing a bevy of photos from the event. It might be interesting how the styles differ (or not) between NYC and other locals.

Jack Williams

I am indeed sorry to miss your New York Pop-up. I was so looking forward to meeting you and to purchase several of your items – but only after trying them on for fit. I am going on a ten-day canoe trip in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia, that same week. I will be picking up a new wood and canvas canoe – a McCurdy & Reed, also in Nova Scotia. It is my fourth “Bespoke” canoe, with discussions and choices much like a bepoke suit. (And slightly less in cost.) A wooden canoe is built around a pattern or mold, one selects the color, the type of wood for the gunwales and thwarts, the caning for the seats and of course the purpose – in this case a high volume tripping canoe – and all the associated details – brass screws, etc. It will be beautiful in Nova Scotia in the October and les erables seront brillants. Perhaps another time again in New York – best of luck.

Jack Williams

Vaibhav Gupta

This is exciting news, Simon!

Following up on the article in which you hinted such an event with a talk with Stoffa – is that going to be an informal event or something like the previous symposiums? I ask because I’ll be coming down from New Hampshire and don’t want to be in my college attire for anything even semi-formal. See you and everyone soon!


You are pretty close to Toronto, how about a pop up here?


Texas! Did not see that coming. Cheers!


Hi Simon, I had the pleasure of attending your Hong Kong symposium at the FCC in 2019. I’ve repatriated to NYC now and look forward to seeing you at the pop-up. Cheers!


Can’t wait to see you guys and meet in person.


Hi Simon,
”Taillour” always sounded odd to me, this time I thought I’d mention it. French for tailor is “tailleur” and “taillour” returns nothing when googled. Just curious.
Best regards,

Il Pennacchio

Any idea of what the opening hours are going to be?


Looking forward to the pop-up this week! Will you have the reversible suede jacket to try on, Simon?


Hi Simon,
any updates on your Rubato blue jeans? Do you still like them? How’s the color fading, if at all? Did they stretch out? Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks.


Do you happen to know if you’re coming back to New York for a pop up in 2023? If so, when? I’d love to try to make it there if so. Thanks!