PS Presents ’23: Arterton, LEJ, Marrkt, Fox and Rubato

Friday, January 27th 2023
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March 1 update:

  • Rubato and Permanent Style dates confirmed as March 29 to April 1
  • Rubato will be launching new products, bringing almost everything to try on, and a good range to buy as well
  • Fox will be running different on different days of their event, see here for details
  • Marrkt will be joined by Abbots, which sells pre-owned dress shoes, and Simon will also be selling a small number of his thing


The PS Presents pop-up shop at 20 Savile Row is back this Spring, with a new raft of brands. 

The little shop will be occupied by Arterton for the whole of February, by L.E.J for the whole of April, and by four brands during March: Marrkt, Fox Brothers, Permanent Style and Rubato. 

We have the shop until the end of June, so more guests in May and June may well be announced later. 

The precise dates and opening times for each incumbent have also not been confirmed, but when they are, I’ll add them to the top of this post. They will be similar to those last Autumn, however, which you can see here

Arterton are first, opening next week on February 1st and there until February 28th. 

Arterton sell a few of their own products, including garment bags, but they are also the agent for other makers, including Nakata hangers, Paul Brunngard shoecare, Yearn shoes and Bridlen shoes. 

The first two are top-end - I’ve covered Nakata hangers before in Japan, which are absolutely beautiful, and mentioned the Brunngard shoecare box. I’m currently trying out the other products.

Yearn and Bridlen are more value propositions for shoes. Both are well-made, but I think the key attraction will be pricing, given the former is made in China and the latter in India. We covered Bridlen here, and will cover Yearn soon. 

Arterton will also be running events: there is actually a Nakata art display today - in both Number 20 and The Service - and then on February 11th there will be a whole Brunngard shoecare day. 

Anders Sundstrom and Linus Chu will be there from the brand, and there will be free shoe shines for everyone, plus a trade-in programme where anyone can try the Brunngard polishes by swapping them for something they already own. 

The next three brands, in March, readers will be familiar with. 

Fox Brothers will be there the week of March 13th, with their plethora of productmarrks - albeit with a more Spring/Summer feel. A nice opportunity to try some of the jackets Manish covered last week. 

Marrkt will be there the week of March 20th, with their top-end pre-owned clothing. Precise dates to be announced, though not with my pre-owned clothing this time. 

Rubato and Permanent Style will be there together, the week of March 27th. The days will be Wednesday to Saturday, as last time, so the 29th to the 1st. 


Then in April, I’m really pleased to have Luke from L.E.J in residence for a month. 

I think a few readers may have caught Luke when he had a pop-up in the Piccadilly Arcade briefly last year, and it was the first time I had seen the clothes in person as well. 

Given the cuts and unique fabrics of L.E.J, it’s really good to be able to try on these pieces, and I’ve got my eye on some trousers and potentially shirts for summer - Luke is particularly good at that flowing, easy warm-weather style. In his words to "soften the masculine trappings of loved and familiar pieces".

The month-long residency will de dedicated to Spring/Summer collection, a wardrobe of playful pieces focused around a core of luxury casual shirting, with fabrics including rich silks, fine voiles, and Japanese narrow-widths.

As with the others, details will be added to this post (days, times, stock) closer to the time. We will, of course, have a little party too - hopefully with less rain and condensation this time

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5 months? Will actually have a good chance of managing to visit once or twice!

Is there a point in the future where this becomes permanent? Is the desire or retail unit lacking if the answer is no?

Il Pennacchio

If it’s not going to be permanent, you could call the pop-up ‘Temporary Style’.

Eric Twardzik

Very exciting news. Is it known which week the party might occur?


I picked up an Arterton garment bag for travel and am very impressed with how well thought out, yet simple, and robust it is. Also, their customer service was absolutely first rate.

William Wong

I just wanted to write to thank you for the kind words; we are glad that you are happy with our garment bag(s). My team and I do our best to create, as well as make more accessible certain items for enthusiasts. Your words mean that, as a small design company, we are seemingly heading in the right direction!
All the best,


Hi Simon,

Wondering can you remember from the previous time Rubato did the pop-up, was there a ‘pricing-advantage’ i.e in terms of the fact that you’d usually be hit with import costs when buying online and living in the UK? Or had prices been adjusted upwards compared to the website?


Caleb C,

I’d be interested to hear what your discovery process is for new brands such as L.E.J.
Looking through thier site, I really like their proportions but I had never heard of them before this article so I am interested to hear how you discover and try out brands before including them in the pop-up. Or more broadly how/when you decide to give a brand a go then further into reviewing them.


I had a look on the Rubato website and a lot of products are just out of stock. No cream or navy knitwear at all. Are they going to be restocked for the pop up I hope?


Simon: So wish that we here in the United States (half of your readers?) could benefit from seeing more of your items in person on a more regular basis. For example the Turnbull and Asser store in Manhattan has a sample of Bennett Winch items in stock. Would you consider a similar arrangement?

Ryan Liu

Fabulous, right after my Europe trip. 🙁

Jonty Gee

I’ll be honest Simon. I find it odd that you align yourself with Marrkt. When selling through themI’ve found them to be a very unprofessional outfit. Not describing clothes properly (wrong size and condition), taking a huge percentage and only paying when you chase. In addition once they have your items they treat them like they are theirs. Reducing prices without consent or even notification.


Hi Simon,
Have you tried the Nakata hangers for your wardrobe?
I am wondering how their mainstream hangers compare to others in the market such as Kirby Allison. I’m not referring to their top end NH-2 hand carved model, but rather their more common AUT-5 suit hanger.
I recall your comments from many years ago that you don’t see the value in purchasing luxury hangers. Has this view changed?


Thanks Simon.

On a related matter, do you recommend keeping jackets buttoned or unbuttoned when on a hanger and n a closet? Both tailoring and causal jackets.



Hi Simon, hope you’ve been well and thanks for pulling me through this winter (seems tougher than usual) with PS. Great lineup once again and loved L-E-J a lot and its reinterpretation of some men’s staples like the humble jeans and the illustration with fabric samples on the website. Look forward to finally attending this year due to the long run (Unluckily always had to work in the past). Can I also write you separately about ideas for May and June if the slots haven’t been filled? Thanks.


Thanks Simon.
Just written you now.
Keep up the brilliant work you do. BB


Hi Simon,
Will Rubato have stock to purchase there in March or just for trying? Keen to try v necks before purchasing online!


Thanks, yes but I was a little confused by their shipping and returns policy/cost, I much prefer to be sure of something before ordering online to avoid unnecessary shipping etc.


Hi Simon have confirmed if they will have stock in the shop from rubato?
Thank you

Matt L

Hi Simon. Sorry if I’ve missed this elsewhere but are the dates for the Rubato & PS pop-up set in stone now? 29th-1st?

Matt L

Brilliant. I’m looking forward to stopping by!